Better. Together.

Helping single and separated parents easily manage and share money, child expenses, child maintenance payments and communications from one place.

What is Budgety for Single or Separated Parents?

Less Stress. Happier Kids.

Budgety takes the stress out of co-parenting and bringing up a family after a relationship breakdown by providing secure, effective and private communication and financial management tools for parents making sure the needs of the child(ren) are met in the best way.

“For me, Budgety makes life easier and makes sure the kids remain priority which is what everyone wants.”

- Darren, Dad of 2, Seaham

This means that...

Your finances are organised and better managed.

Easily track and monitor your weekly/ monthly spend against your income and ideal spend. This puts you in control of your finances and helps you find ways to save money. We work hard to make sure your finances are one less thing to think or worry about.

Stay on track

Use Budgety to easily make, receive, track and manage child payments and contributions from one place.

Budgety is a brilliant idea and will help parents who are determined to better manage their finances. Love the fact I can find better deals for household and personal costs straight from my budgeting screen. Very easy and very helpful.”

- Beks, Mum of 1, Newcastle Upon Tyne

You pay less for what you want.

With our 'Find Better Deals' feature, you can always try to find a better deal for any personal and household expenses.

Simply tell us your weekly or monthly spend for each the relevant expense categories in the budgeting tool and our 'Find Better Deal' feature searches the web to find a cheaper price or better deal.

You can receive and monitor child maintenance payments.

Easily make, receive, track and manage child maintenance and expenses payments and contributions from one place. No more hunting for previous child payments and expenses. Just a few clicks and you’re done.

Securely track and store all supporting documents, records, receipts and payments from one location. Access and update your account anytime, anywhere.

Budgety is just amazing! It completely takes the emotion out of conversations around child maintenance and support payments helping parents agree and manage their financial responsibilities to their children with all the proof of payments available when its needed. I love it!”

- Maxine, Mum of 4, South Shields

You can request and receive financial support anytime.

Quickly create simple financial support requests and share with family, friends and anyone else you want, when you want.

Remember it’s about making sure the needs of the child(ren) are met in the best way and everyone can get involved, contributing to the well-being of the child(ren) involved. Budgety makes getting the family support you need simple, direct and private.

You can build your supporter network fast.

Invite family members, friends and anyone else, to join your support network. You can also view and track all payment they have made to your support requests.

“I love the fact that with Budgety, my support network can also see what my son needs and have a way to help out in a direct, transparent and trackable way. Budgety means peace of mind for every parent.”

- Kimberley, Mum of 1, Newcastle Upon Tyne

Make life easier, better and cheaper.