Budgeting Tool

Track, Manage and Reduce your Costs

What is the Budgeting Tool?

Track, Manage and Reduce your Costs

Our budgeting tool is a personal and household itemised budget management and tracking application that lets you track your monthly spend and identifies how you can effectively manage and reduce your spend where possible.

This means that …..

You don’t miss a thing

You can monitor your spend, track your costs and quickly find where you can save money, or where you can make your money work harder for you.

Reduce your costs

Our 'Find Better Deal' feature searches the web to find better deals that reduce your existing costs and bills or offer better value for money.

Budgety is by far the best platform that is actually helps me not only see where my money is going but also helps me find cheaper prices for my bills directly from my budgeting screen. Saving money is never a chore.”

- Chris, Birtley
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How it works

Step One: Tell us your actual monthly spend

Use our itemised budgeting tool and tell us your actual weekly/monthly spend for each relevant itemised expense category provided.

Step Two: Tell us your IDEAL monthly spend

Tell us how much you would ideally like to spend compared to your actual weekly/monthly spend for each itemised expense category.

Set achievable goals

These become the personal and household budget goals we want to help you achieve.

Step Three: Find Better Deals

Use the 'Find Better Deals' feature to find better deals for things you want and need so that you pay less and save money. It’s that simple!

Get support you need

Use the 'Request Support' feature to make transparent and trackable mandatory or voluntary financial contribution requests to family, friends or anyone else to help with personal or household costs.

There’s much more!

Budgety is designed to support you and your family

Simple Dashboard

All your account activity visible at a glance
Your numbers easily broken down so they all add up
Make better financial decisions fast

Quick Payments

Quick and easy transactions through Paypal
Make and receive payments anytime, anywhere
Secure payments powered by Paypal

Easy Feedback

Get the help you need if you need it
Report and resolve issues from your Budgety account
Access video tutorials and stay up to speed anytime

Accessible Documents

Storing information has never been easier and quicker
Share important documents privately and securely
Effortlessly retrieve and manage important documents

Make life easier, better and cheaper.