Better mental health at work for single and separated parents

Budgety helps employees manage life better after marriage, divorce or partner separation, so they are happier, focused and more productive at work.

What is Budgety

Less worry, more peace of mind for employees

Budgety is a neutral and independent platform where separated parents can agree, share, track and manage parental and financial responsibilities for their kids emotional bias, lawyers or government intervention. Budgety ensures employees as empowered to better manage the stresses, challenges and complications of being a separated parent so they are less distracted, focused and more productive at work.

This means that...

Reduced employee absenteeism and turnover

Employers now pay a higher cost for not specifically and directly addressing the mental health and wellbeing needs of separated or divorced parents in their employment.

Budgety helps employers reduce the associated costs of low employee productivity and absenteeism caused by emotional stress and conflict employees experience during marriage, divorce and partner separation, especially when children are involved.

Every year divorce and poor employee mental health costs employers and the UK economy over £33bn and £46bn respectively.

Improved Employee Mental Health at Work

Talking employees through their problems is a good start but even better is giving them the tools they need to feel empowered and in control.

With Budgety, employers are able to demonstrate their commitment to employee overall wellbeing, ensuring those impacted by these stressful and unplanned life events especially where children are involved, feel valued and better supported at work.

Offering Budgety to employees helps demonstrate your capacity as a forward thinking, innovative, proactive and solution oriented employer.

Improved Employee Engagement

Employees are most engaged and loyal when they are happy and challenged at work. Not only does engagement reduce turnover by up to 60 percent but engaged employees are 26 percent more productive and 28 percent more aligned.

With Budgety, employees know that they have access to easy to use tools to manage unplanned life events such as marriage, divorce or partner separation. Budgety takes the stress and minimises the financial impact of these situations so employees stay engaged and go the extra mile for their organisation.

Feel connected. Get supported.

Easily create support requests, share with your support network community and confidently request financial support if you need it. Remember it’s about making sure the needs of the child(ren) are met in the best way.

Using Budgety makes getting financial support you want simple, direct, transparent and private.

Make life easier, better and cheaper.