Budgety ‘My Contacts' Tool

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What is the ‘My Supporters’ Tool?

Your support network accessible from one place, anytime, anywhere.

This tool allows you to grow your supporters by inviting family, friends and anyone else you go to for support or offer support to, to join your Budgety network so everyone can be accessed and managed from one place.

This means that...

Getting financial support is easier and fast.

You now have a quick, easy and direct way to receive and offer financial support to family, friends and anyone else, for any reason.

Everything is accounted for

Our 'My Supporters' tool also ensures that all conversations, requests and payments between those requesting and receiving financial support are fully tracked, transparent and consistent.

How it works

Step One: Build your supporter list.

When you or your loved ones need financial help or support, who do you or they turn to? List as many as you can think of. These are the people who should be on your supporter list.

Step Two: Send your connection invite

Now you're settled on those family members and friends you would like to be part of your Budgety support network, invite them to connect with you on Budgety.

Connections are private.

Don't worry, your supporters can only access support requests, conversations and transactions details they have been involved in. Everything else is private.

Step Three: Manage and grow your supporter network.

Once your family and friends invites have been sent, connected and pending connections are always visible.

You also have access to tracked information about family members and friends who have given or received financial support, how much support was provided and when. Removing a family member or friend from your supporter network is as quick and simple as tapping delete. You have full control.

There’s much more!

Budgety is designed to support you and your family

Simple Dashboard

All your account activity visible at a glance
Your numbers easily broken down so they all add up
Make better financial decisions fast

Quick Payments

Quick and easy transactions through Paypal
Make and receive payments anytime, anywhere
Secure payments powered by Paypal

Easy Feedback

Get the help you need if you need it
Report and resolve issues from your Budgety account
Access video tutorials and stay up to speed anytime

Accessible Documents

Storing information has never been easier and quicker
Share important documents privately and securely
Effortlessly retrieve and manage important documents

Make life easier, better and cheaper.